KCLC Radio Celebrates 75th Anniversary

KCLC Radio Celebrates 75th Anniversary

KCLC Radio Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Lindenwood University’s College of Arts and Humanities is celebrating the 75th anniversary of KCLC from Thursday, November 9, through Saturday, November 11.

As part of Lindenwood’s mission of real experience and real success, KCLC not only offers a cutting-edge training ground for students, but also airs university football and hockey games. We are now also setting up an HD3 student radio station, spearheaded by department head Andrew Millians. These kinds of experiences have helped produce such greats as Greg Amsinger (MLB Network studio host), Dave Amelotti (KMOV news anchor), Glen Cerny (all-time favorite student mentor and former general manager), Robin Smith (former KMOX/V anchor), and more.

KCLC was started by Professor Martha Boyer, a true innovator. In 1946, she was hired to teach classes in vocational education for women, and the board of directors approved the purchase of five cash registers. She instead used the money to purchase radio equipment, and in 1948, KCLC was licensed as a carrier-current radio station.

Always working to develop Lindenwood’s communication program, Boyer spent several summers in the 1960s working with the BBC. In 1968, she recruited help from future Lindenwood board president and KMOX General Manager, Robert Hyland, to license KCLC as an over-the-air FM radio station. In 1969, she oversaw construction of Lindenwood’s first television studio, and in 1972, KCLC received a power increase to 1,500 watts, covering a large portion of St. Charles County. Boyer retired in 1972, leaving a program with 100 student majors, approximately one-eighth of the Lindenwood student body at that time. College of Arts and Humanities faculty to this day continue to follow in Boyer’s footsteps in innovating and making great impacts on student success.

Jumping ahead to 2020, General Manager Chad Briesacher and department head Joe Weber were instrumental in getting KCLC promoted to Billboard Magazine’s major Album Adult Alternative and “Hot 100” charts. Playing a mix of established alternative, emerging indie, and even local artists, KCLC has steadily been building a name for itself in the St. Louis music landscape. In 2022, KCLC began presenting concerts at venues across the region; this includes The Marias at Old Rock House and The Here and There Festival at The Factory in Chesterfield. This fall, KCLC will be launching a music program for local artists to receive an impactful measure of “spins” on the St. Louis area airwaves. Additionally, KCLC will begin an open mic night promotion partner program with a select number of open mic nights in the St. Louis metro.

Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities Dr. Kathi Vosevich is a tireless advocate for getting the station repositioned and rebranded to give students’ the real experience that will make them successful in their careers.

“We focus on continuous curricular improvement and creating opportunities to strategically position our students with transferrable power skills, such as effective communication, critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork,” Vosevich said.

Now with a signal population footprint of 2.3 million people and world-wide availability, you can listen to us at KCLCRadio.com. If you would like to join us in the celebration, register here.